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2011 Model BMW M3 E92 Vorsteiner GTRS3

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BMW M3 E92 için Vorsteiner GTRS3 geniş gövde kiti Vorsteiner BMW M3 E92 için yeni bir gövde kiti yayımladı. Bu ürün birkaç gövde modifiyesi ve aerodinamik parçadan oluşuyor. Tampon modüler replasman splitter ile tam bir karbon fiber ünitesi ile GTRS3 karbon fiber geniş kemer çamurlukları ve uzun yan yerini almış.

M3′s have won generations of fans and it doesn’t look like its letting up anytime soon. Oldies might argue that the first generation M3 was the best and then there are those who will argue this and that but in my opinion the legacy is not dead and it continues with the M badge, just trust tuners to make up for whatever loss there is.

There are plenty of E92 M3′s running around with their insides tuned to create supercar beating numbers but not all of them have supercar beating designs. Meet the GTRS3 M3 E92 by American tuner Vorsteiner, it’s the latest in a wide product line that includes packages for cars like Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley and BMW. It is just an aesthetics upgrade but is a perfect addition to tame-looking E92 M3 that has come under fire for a rather boring design compared to the E46 M3 that it replaces. Vorsteiner’s package aim’s to change that with several body modifications and aerodynamic pieces.

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